Country Week 2022

Published on Monday, 19 September 2022 at 12:18:00 PM

7 boys (Wade Walker, Will Kelly, Everard Woodley, Fabian Dhu, Graheme Chadd, Haseem May and Sean Sambo ) from Roebourne District High School were selected to participate in the State District High School Country Week Basketball tournament. These boys met the criteria to be nominated. They came to school regularly, attended class, attended training and mostly had a good attitude.

The Coach, Mr Te; Sports Teacher, Ms Katrina; Ms Shenara and Ms Jill all accompanied the boys to Perth. We flew on Sunday afternoon, arrived in Perth and picked up the bus that Swans had loaned us for the week. Ms Jill drove everyone to the accommodation in Sorrento where rooms were allocated. We had 2 apartments between us and each of those had 3 bedrooms.

Each morning everyone had to wake up early, get ready and we drove to Jack Bendat Stadium to play 3 games of basketball each day.

The boys played very well and some of the other teams really liked the way they played and became their fans for the week – watching as many of their games as possible.

Out of 11 games the boys won 7 – an excellent effort.

When they were not playing basketball, we went to the Home of the Eagles and had a tour of the facility. A couple of the boys had the opportunity to sit in on a motivational talk to the ‘up and coming’ indigenous squad attached to the Eagles.

We went to Bounce for a couple of hours where we played on the trampolines and Ms Kat, Graheme and Haseem clambered up the Climbing Wall and made their way across the balance poles. It was very precarious.

On Wednesday night after all the games were finished, we saw a fun movie at Whitfords Cinemas, on Thursday we went to the Zoo in South Perth and then up to an adventure park, also in Whitfords to try out the Ninja Course – it was challenging and fun.

Our accommodation was across the road from the Sorrento Beach so one afternoon we went for a swim. It was so cold in the water but the boys loved it.

Our last day was Friday that saw us get up early and pack and clean up our apartments. When everything was done, we went to AQWA to the huge aquarium. It has huge Rays, fish, sharks, turtles, shells and coral. It is fascinating watching them all live together and not eat each other.

We got home safely on Friday night after an excellent week.






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