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Roebourne District High School

Roebourne District High school is located in the town of Roebourne, the oldest settlement between Geraldton and Darwin.  Roebourne is approximately 40 Kms from Karratha and 1563 kms from Perth, in Western Australia’s Pilbara Region. 

The school caters to students from Kindergarten to Year 12, with approximately 98% of the students being Aboriginal.  Most of our students come from three main language groups - the Ngarluma people who are the traditional owners of the land, the Yindjibarndi people and the Banyima people. 

The emphasis continues to be Literacy and Numeracy for all students, our secondary students also focus on employment preparation.  The school works closely with the North Regional TAFE campuses to offer students opportunities in Vocational Education and Training Certificates.  Local organisations, businesses and the mining industry are strong supporters of the programs and assist students in work placements.

Aboriginal and Education Officers (AIEO's) have significant roles in the school and are seen as teachers-in-training for most activities.  They are the essential links to the community and provide teachers with cultural expertise and knowledge.  An understanding, appreciation and respect for Aboriginal culture is paramount to the success of any teaching programme with the school

At Roebourne District High School  we work with our community to help our young people to be happy, confident learners. We pride ourselves on the innovative pathways of success we offer our youth by providing an environment that tends to our students' needs in the domains of culture, academics and sport.

Education in Roebourne has a long and rich history, with the first formal schooling starting in 1874.  In 1892 a masonry building, in Hampton St, replaced the former timber framed building of 1884.  The school moved onto the present site in 1961.