School Engagement Programs

Roebourne District High School prides itself on the innovative pathways of success we offer our youth. We provide varied learning opportunities for students to become confident adults in our community. We do this by ensuring an environment that tends to our students’ needs in the domains of culture, academics and sport. Below are onsite engagement programs run by independent organisations. 

Stars Foundation

Stars provides a holistic program that supports Indigenous girls and young women to attend and remain engaged at school, complete Year 12 and move into full-time work or further study.

Our program is based on strong, trusting relationships.  The Stars Room provides a culturally safe, warm environment – a place where the girls and young women in our program feel nurtured and inspired. 

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VSWANS Boys Academy

V Swans is a community organisation committed to providing sustainable community development using our Active Education Model.

Active Education programs are leading the way in transferring skills from the sports field to the classroom, translating outcomes in both wellbeing and health. V Swans uses sport as a tool to engage young people and improve their educational, employment, social, sporting and health outcomes.

Our programs cover sport and recreation, education, leadership, participation, personal development and community well-being. For further information visit:

IF Foundation Drama

The IF Foundation has operated full time in Roebourne District High School since the 2014 school year. The IF Foundation operates on the basis that community cohesion is strengthened through interesting, interactive and positive programming. The IF Foundation provides students at Roebourne District High School with weekly performing arts programming for all students K-12. In their sessions, students learn improvisation, play theatre games, explore emotions, work on scripts, sing, dance, create films, and even play some instruments that were generously provided by Boonderu Music. In addition, the IF Foundation facilitates a weekly school Radio show at Ngaarda Media, a yearly whole school production, a dance and performance troupe, and other excursions to watch and participate in performances around the community. The IF Foundation’s main goal is to empower students with the opportunity to express their creativity and let their voices be heard.

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