School Engagement Programs

Roebourne District High School prides itself on the innovative pathways of success we offer our youth. We provide varied learning opportunities for students to become confident adults in our community. We do this by ensuring an environment that tends to our students’ needs in the domains of culture, academics and sport. Below are onsite engagement programs run by independent organisations. 

Roebourne Girls Academy

The Girls Academy is focused on equipping indigenous girls with the tools required to overcome the barriers that prevent them from completing their education and reaching their full potential. Visit their site for more information; 

VSWANS Boys Academy

VSWANS Shooting Goals program is focused on engaging boys in education through sport and recreation. The program equips our students with the tools to be positive role models in our community. For further information visit:

IF Foundation Drama

Our drama program develops and delivers social and emotional learning programs grounded by research and fact based content to empower the young, their families and communities to make healthy, free choices and peacefully resolve conflict. 

Visit for more information.