Specialist Programmes


At Roebourne DHS students in Years Pre-Primary to Year 12 participate in a range of health topics and programs. We cover many topics, some including; Safety, Resilience, Mental Health, Wellbeing, Respectful Relationships, Drug Education, Growth and Development, Nutrition and Health Benefits of Physical Activity. 

In Physical Education (PE) students have the opportunity to develop on their Fundamental Movement Skills by participating in a range of modified sports and games. We also engage in Swimming and Water Sports during Terms 1 and 4, and Athletics, Tennis, Hockey and Basketball during Terms 2 and 3. In PE, students challenge themselves to improve on their skills, in addition to building resilience, problem solving, teamwork and strategies and tactics though individual and group games and activities. 





The IF Foundation has operated full time in Roebourne District High School since the 2014 school year. The IF Foundation operates on the basis that community cohesion is strengthened through interesting, interactive and positive programming. The IF Foundation provides students at Roebourne District High School with weekly performing arts programming for all students K-12. In their sessions, students learn improvisation, play theatre games, explore emotions, work on scripts, sing, dance, create films, and even play some instruments that were generously provided by Boonderu Music. In addition, the IF Foundation facilitates a weekly school Radio show at Ngaarda Media, a yearly whole school production, a dance and performance troupe, and other excursions to watch and participate in performances around the community. The IF Foundation’s main goal is to empower students with the opportunity to express their creativity and let their voices be heard.

Visit http://www.iffoundation.org.au/ for more information.




STEM is taught at Roebourne District High School as a specialist subject from Pre-Primary to Year Six, with Science and Technology as the main teaching focus. 

During Technology, students work with a range of resources that offer practical opportunities to creatively find digital solutions. Students are guided to build on and extend their existing ICT skills, moving students from technology consumers to creators. 

In Science, students participate in a range of hands-on activities, exploring Earth and Space Sciences, Biological Sciences, Chemical Sciences, and Physical Sciences. Students are taught through the inquiry process to apply what they have learned in Science to real world issues. Our school has partnered with Polly Farmer Foundation since... to encourage students' engagement with STEM. They run a STEM Club during lunch to encourage students who are interested in Science and Technology. 




It's been an amazing, but hectic year in the library whilst we share the room with STEM and computers. It didn't deter from reading though, all classes have come to visit and enjoyed reading in the library, changing books to take to class, doing puzzles, playing with puppets and loads more. I always love to hear how much students like the books they read. We've had some very amazing book donations this year from Dymock's Children Charities, Indigenous Literacy Foundation and Roy Hill Pty Ltd that are greatly appreciated.




The Arts have the capacity to engage, inspire and enrich all students, exciting the imagination and encouraging them to reach their creative and expressive potential. Our Visual Arts program incorporates all three fields of art, craft and design. Students create visual representations that communicate, challenge and express their own and others' ideas. Roebourne has a well earned reputation for their Visual Arts community, with our school and community entering Cossack Arts Festival, Red Earth Art Festival as well as hosting exhibitions of student works.